The Designer’s Guide to CSS3: Intro

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We’re in the midst of a very exciting time of change in the web industry with the introduction of CSS3. It’s a huge step forward in many ways. But for designers who don’t dig into the code all that much, it can be overwhelming. The developers of the world are scrambling to catch up, figure out what is possible and develop new best practices.

As a designer, the more you understand what’s possible, what’s not possible and how you might work with it, the more valuable you’ll be. In this series I’m going to look at the possibilities of CSS3 for the people who aren’t working with code. Many people have developed great code-generating tools that allow non-developers to play with and preview the results, making your job a lot easier. This Designer’s Guide to CSS3 will focus on a different design topic in each installment, such as borders, backgrounds, text styles, transforming images and animation...

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Introducing HOW Interactive Design

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I am rather excited to announce that the new site, HOW Interactive Design is officially live. I have been fortunate enough to be enlisted by HOW to help launch this new site and product line. HOW is of course known for their expertise and publications on the design industry. HOW ID adds the web to their product line. I am really excited about this new content outlet and I truly believe it will bring something new and needed to designers looking to embrace the web.

I am also involved with a new conference line related to this project (HOW Interactive Design Conference) and of course my books are published by HOW Books. So to say the least, I am connected with HOW in many ways, and very happy to be so.