UX Job Roles Presentation

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My presentation from the HOW Interactive Conference in San Francisco (September 2015).

Download the PDF or view it on Slide Share.

HOW Interactive Design Conference 2015 (and promo code)

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TLDNR: Use promo code "MCNEIL50" to save an extra $50

I am really excited to be a part of the HOW Interactive Design Conference advisory board again this year. It is a remarkable privilege to help shape the contents of events that hundreds will attend and learn from. A key difference to the events this year is that each of the three events are intended to have a different focus.

San Francisco - User Experience & Interaction Design

More and more designers are being asked to take on new skill sets. UX Design is one of those. This event is specifically designed to help traditional designers embrace this exciting line of work. Want to discover how research can change the way you work and bring tremendous value to your projects? This is the place for you.

Chicago - Stories from the field

In Chicago the emphasis is on real life case studies in the interactive design world. Even wonder how things get done? What kinds of process people use? Or how to organize a project? Get meaningful insights from incredible designers that will pull back the curtain and reveal their best tricks.

Boston - Visual Design & Technology

The marriage of design and technology is a union that continues to be extremely exciting. With design at the forefront of the technology it is increasingly important for designers to continue to expand their knowledge. This event is tailored to deepened you understanding of technology as it impacts visual design. Even better it is 100% targeted at traditional designers; you won't get lost in a sea of acronyms here, but rather targeted and helpful sessions that address the key topics in our industry.

Use promo code: MCNEIL50 (and save $50)

If you would like to attend it doesn't hurt to save a few dollars. My friends at HOW have given me a promo code good for $50 off. Combine this with the early bird rate (register by July 31st) and you save $350. Be sure to use promo code: MCNEIL50

I can't say enough about how excited I am about these events. I genuinely hope to see you at one of them!


Today I did a three hour workshop at the Univ. of IL Web Conference. It was a whopper of a session packed with a lot of material. I promised to post the PDF, so here it is.

Full PDF of the session.

HOW Interactive Design Conference 2013 Presentation

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Many thanks to everyone that attended my Workshop at this year HOW Interactive Design Conference in Chicago. As advertised, I am posting a full PDF of the presentation here.

For those of you that did not attend, please know that this 3 hour session was set up to cover three topics. As such, the presentation is a bit long and has three distinct parts.

Download a full PDF here.


This year I had the privilege of speaking at HOW Design Live not just once, but twice! Fortunately for me one of the two presentations is a direct spin off of a topic I have covered several times before. That said, I love the feeling that the presentation becomes more and more polished and refined each time I give it. As promised below is a link to a PDF of the full presentation with live links.

PDF of my Web Hosting 101 presentation


This year at HOW Design Live I spoke on the topic of going from Print to Interactive. Which is really nothing more then a spin on the classic topic of print to web. In this case I focused on the career options and milestones as well as key skills to focus on. Overall I consider this my farewell to the topic as I believe the idea of moving from print to web is antiquated. Yes you might make the move, but you also might change from being a print designer to an architect or an automotive designer and so on. The point is that it is such a huge change that presuming one starting point is almost silly. The industry has simply changed.

Here is my presentation in PDF form.

HOW Design Live 2013 (and promo code!)

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It seems that I keep finding ways to get back to San Francisco. 2013 will be my third year in a row to travel there and speak. I have been invited back to speak at the big HOW Design Live conference this year - and I will actually be speaking twice in the same day!

I will be giving a presentation I developed this last year for teaching the fundamentals of web hosting to designers. Through it you learn how hosting works, what goes into it and a bunch of handy tips that will help you navigate this area. For many designers this is an area of frustration. But as it turns out it isn't all that complex. I hope to shed some light on the topic and turn this point of weakness into one of strength.

The other presentation I am giving is on the interactive design industry. As designers attempt to make the move from print to digital they often wonder what their new career path is, what they should expect, what they should learn and so many other questions. I am thoroughly researching the topic and plan to give some clear and simple direction. This presentation will be a nice change of pace for me from my typical tech and design trend topics.

If you care to join me be sure to use promo code "PATRICK" and save an extra $100. Plus right now is early bird pricing so you can get about the best rate possible.

I hope to see you in San Fran!


My presentation on web design trends and the technology they are rooted in. I presented this at the 2011 HOW Interactive Design Conference in San Francisco.


HOW Interactive Design Conference Discount Code

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As a speaker at the upcoming HOW Interactive Design Conference, I’d like to invite you to join HOW magazine in San Francisco from November 2 - 4 for a first-of-its-kind conference tailor made for traditional designers transitioning to digital design.

Expand your skill set to confidently navigate web, digital, mobile and other forms of interactive media at this 2-1/2 day event packed with the information you need to stay on top of today’s fast-paced design evolution. We have a line up of great speakers that ensure a great event including: Cameron Moll, David Sherwin, Matthew Richmond and Mark O'Brien.

Plus, I'm pleased to have the opportunity to offer you a special "tell-a-friend" $50 discount on the individual full-conference rate*.  Just input PATRICK in the discount code box during the registration process, and HOW will deduct $50 from your total registration.  Combine that with the special September 1st Early Bird rate, and you'll save $150!

If you register now be sure to use discount code PATRICK to get an additional $50 off the registration price*!

Introducing the HOW Interactive Design Conference

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I am delighted to be a part of the planning committee for a brand spanking new web conference. It is coming from the fine folks at HOW, and is titled The How Interactive Design Conference. Not much information is published yet, but I am excited to be on the list of speakers. Stay tuned for more information and get on the mailing list for the event if you are interested!