I am probably most well known for my Web Designer's Idea Book series. My books have also been translated into a number of other languages. In all I have written 6 books.



The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book

My fifth book on web design is focused on mobile ideas. It follows the pattern set forth in my main idea books, but this time with a total focus on mobile design. If you need ideas for mobile and tablet web design, this is the book for you. Learn more.

The Designer's Web Handbook

My third book on web design is due out this April and is focused on helping designers understand and embrace the web. Read more about this book here.

The Web Designer's Idea Books

I have written four books on web design trends and patterns for this book series. The first two volumes of this series have also been turned into an iPad app. Check out all of these on my mini site for the books.

Design Meltdown

I actively populate Design Meltdown with a stream of fresh designs hand tagged and categorized. This now includes animations and various interactions on web sites. The database of grows daily and is continually changing.

HOW Design

I have written many articles for the HOW Design blog. Checkout all of my HOW ID articles here.

Other writings

Over the years I have written a fair amount for many other outlets, some online and others in print. Here are links to some of online writings: and I have also written else where on occasion, but these have been the two most frequent.