About Me

My name is Patrick McNeil and I am a St. Louis based web developer, design lover and author. Many people mistake me for a designer because so much of my work revolves around the design community, including, my blog Design Meltdown, my book series The Web Designer's Idea Book or my many appearances in .net Magazine; but really I am more of a developer then anything. The perception is easy to understand though, since I love design so much.

On the development side I particularly love front end work. Sometimes slicing up designs for sites I am building, and at times building assets to hand off to other developers. Along the way generating lots of CSS, HTML and jQuery fun. This is what I have a passion for; delivering extremely effective transitions from design to code. I have also done a large amount of asp.net work, and my fair share of PHP development.

A huge perk for me is a formal training in the arts and many years of reviewing web design. This plays out in my day to day work as I have the opportunity to directly impact the quality of the end product. I get really inspired by great design and it always leads me to cleaner more effective code. And of course, as a front end developer every project will have the opportunity to extend a design in ways unforeseen by the designer.

And of course I have fallen in love with writing. Certainly not what I ever expected (or even wanted for that mater), but it has become something I really enjoy. Between the blog, the book(s) and the magazine articles it's amazing I have anything left to say. But it does seem that the more I say, the more I have to say, and people seem to keep listening, so I will keep on talking!