Print to Web Series: Digital Magazines

Posted on: December 4th, 2012 by patrick No Comments

One niche in print graphic design that’s been hit hard by the digitization of information is the news industry—and we’re going to focus on a subset of this: magazines. Although printed magazines clearly continue to sell, their sales have been on the decline. And while it might be tempting to suggest that digital versions of these magazines have displaced them, this is not true across the board (though it might be in individual cases).

The reality is that magazine sales and circulation are overall on the decline. (My opinion is that readers are simply going elsewhere for information, particularly on the web.) Despite this, there’s real opportunity for magazines to find a new home in the digital era. And no, it doesn’t include 300MB downloads with layouts that simulate the page-turning experience—an old-fashioned design approach that ignores the real possibilities of the web. Following are some great examples of online publications that marry great magazine content and great user experience design.

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