Pondering the scale of Monster Meltdown

Posted on: December 6th, 2011 by patrick No Comments

I dreamed and planned Monster Meltdown for the better part of 1 year. Then finally got a fire under me and managed to launch the site in October of this year. In my original hopes for the site I thought I might publish a collection a couple times per year. But as I dug in I realized I wanted to update things far more frequently. Eventually I settled in on a monthly release schedule. Which to be honest has been a bit daunting, though it is proving to be possible.

Today as I work on the launch of collection #3 (non-profit sites) I was considering the raw numbers as compared to the original version of Design Meltdown.

Design Meltdown stats:
Topics covered: 131 total styles, trends, themes or color patterns
Total samples provided: Approximately 6,000
Total url's referenced: Approximately 6,000
Duration of active updates: Approximately 3 years

In contrast here are the raw numbers for Monster Meltdown (after the new collection goes live this week)

Monster Meltdown stats:
Topics covered: 3 topics with 66 total sub topics
Total samples provided: Approximately 5,500
Total url's referenced: Approximately 440
Duration of active updates: Approximately 3 months

So, while the total number of url's referenced might not be nearly as large, the actual examples of design are almost the same. This in my opinion is insane. In only 3 months time I will have published nearly the same amount of inspiration samples.

What is even more nuts to me is what the numbers will look like in just a few months. I already have the next two collections underway, and the resulting image counts will double what I have now. So in 5 months, Monster Meltdown will publish twice the inspiring examples Design Meltdown did in 3 years. This blows my mind.

When I set out to start Monster Meltdown I knew it was going to be big, but to be honest it is turning out a lot bigger than I ever expected. And it might take me a while to cover all of the most critical topics, but the ones we do cover are being covered like never before.

Honestly though, I am having more fun than ever running the new spin off of the site. I hope your enjoying the new approach as well.