Can’t Designers and Web Developers Get Along? Live DesignCast

Posted on: September 14th, 2011 by patrick No Comments

I am going to be presented an online DesignCast via my friends at HOW on September 28th. Be sure to sign up if you are interested. It costs $69 and here are the details:

10 Ways to Make Everybody's Job Easier

The relationship between web designer and web developer doesn't have to be fraught with tension. Patrick McNeil—not only a designer and web developer but also the content director of HOW Interactive Design—will let you in on 10 ways to ensure interdepartmental harmony.

You'll learn:

  • How to clearly communicate your design needs
  • How to avoid unnecessary conflict with web developers
  • When to stand your ground on a design issue
  • When to shut up and listen

Who should sign up:

  • Freelance designers doing web work
  • In-house web designers working with a development team
  • Design managers who want to minimize interdepartmental conflict
  • Sign up for the DesignCast here