10 Web Design Elements that You Shouldn’t Overlook

Posted on: March 28th, 2011 by patrick 2 Comments

In my first guest post on WebDesignerDepot.com I take a look at some basic design elements that are frequently left out of the design work. As a result, developers have to accommodate for them. Here is the introduction to the article, and you can read the complete article on WebDesignerDepot.com.

When it comes to designing and building websites, it never seems to happen fast enough.

Given this fast pace, many small details that are eventually required to build the website are often left out of the design process. While these details might be minor, they are what take a website from nice to truly awesome.

These details are often easy to miss because they don’t drive the overall look and feel of the website. The problem is that as your development team works through the design, it will be forced to design and create these elements for you anyway.

You could adjust the production cycle so that the developers have time to return these assets to you, but why not just get it all done up front so that the process is that much cleaner?

Read the full article on WebDesignerDepot.com

  • http://www.miraclesoftware.in Jerilyn Michalowski

    Nice article. I just bookmarked your blog and will come daily to see the latest article.

  • patrick

    Thanks! I am glad you liked it. A new post went up today on WebDesignerDepot from me.